Satisfy The Appetite For Plant-Based Food With CRYOVAC® brand Packaging

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Sealed Air helps your business keep pace with the sustainable food revolution


A plant-based food revolution is sweeping across Europe. The Veganz Nutrition Study shows the number of vegans throughout the continent doubled to an estimated 2.6 million between 2016 – 2020, while 22.9 percent of Europeans are now eating flexitarian diets.

Rapid growth in the popularity of meat-free foods is expected to see the value of the plant-based meat alternatives market reach around $140 billion by 2029.

Understandably, forward-thinking retailers and processors are keen to be part of this huge growth. They realise the plant-based trend has long-term momentum and want to ensure their food products continue to meet the changing tastes of consumers. Packaging is an important element of the strategies for satisfying these demands.

Consumer perceptions about packaging change along with their views about foods. Ethical and sustainable choices are influencing the growth in plant-based foods and it’s essential that packaging aligns with these values. CRYOVAC® brand packaging does exactly this.

The CRYOVAC® brand range has been developed to address consumer concerns about environmental impact, carbon emissions and animal welfare. This provides retailers and processors with a packaging solution fit for the plant-based revolution.

Fast Fact

Nearly 70% of European plant-based consumers are eating meat alternatives several times per week. Read More

Three reasons why CRYOVAC® brand range meets changing consumer perceptions.

1. Reduce waste

Excellent barrier performance and strong seals help to extend shelf life and protect food against spoilage and contaminants. Food stays safe and fresher for longer, meaning less goes to disposal.

2. Improve resourcefulness

The use of recycle-ready* or recycled content reduces the reliance on virgin packaging materials.

3. Free of animal derivatives

Packaging solutions are Vegan Quality certified because they are made using alternative options to animal fats.

Packaging more than meat alternatives

Although some of the most popular plant-based foods are meat substitutes, there’s growing demand for cheese and fish alternatives.

The ‘alt seafood’ market is seeing large-scale investment and innovation across Europe, with major manufacturers dedicating whole production teams to creating new ‘faux fish’ products.

Plant-based cheese is also a fast-growing segment of the alternatives market. The growth rate doubled to 62 percent in 2019-2020, with plant-based cheeses worth approximately €60million across Europe. Demand for different formats including grated, sliced and cream cheese is expected to see this part of the market grow further.

The CRYOVAC® brand range is perfectly positioned to meet the different packaging requirements of evolving plant-based food categories. From shrink bags to films and rollstocks, and skin-on-tray solutions, a comprehensive range of CRYOVAC® solutions can package:

Fresh plant-based alternatives such as sausages, sliced ‘cuts’ and whole ‘fillets’

Frozen plant-based alternatives such as burger patties, mince and nuggets

Fresh and frozen plant-based ready meals

Cheese plant-based alternatives

Meat Peak

Meat will reach peak demand in Europe in 2035, when plant-based proteins will then take over. Learn More

Find out more about sustainable and ethical packaging that meets plant-based food demand. Download the ebook

Download the e-book Going Alternative Proteins to learn more about sustainable and ethical packaging that meets plant-based food demands.