Find out how touchless automation can solve the challenges impacting meat packaging

Fresh meat, smoked and processed meat companies are dealing with an ever-changing and growing number of challenges.
European economies are becoming more circular and sustainable, and consumers are increasingly eco-conscious. Overheads are rising, whilst supply chain uncertainty remains and labour shortages continue to be accelerated by the global pandemic.

This combination of factors is driving a "touchless automation" packaging trend, as meat processors aim to optimise efficiencies and effectiveness.

Today, forward-thinking companies are investing in the automated packaging equipment of tomorrow. They are doing this to reduce their reliance on labour and create fewer packaging touchpoints. It's a successful strategy enabling businesses to relieve operation pressures and meet market demands by enhancing speed, safety and sustainability.

Request a demo and see how CRYOVAC® brand automated vacuum packaging solutions could improve your performance and productivity.

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The advantages of touchless automation


Automated packaging lines require less manual handling and touchpoints, reducing the risk of the spread of pathogens and bacteria.


CRYOVAC® brand VS2X and VS9X systems have been designed for easy cleaning, with automated lines also allowing for more accurate and timely scheduling of cleaning and maintenance.


Automation can improve packaging speeds and eliminate errors caused by operator fatigue and repetitive manual packaging processes.


CRYOVAC® brand VS2X and VS9X systems can deliver higher levels of packaging consistency and accuracy to minimise material and energy usage and waste.

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What about vacuum chamber equipment?

CRYOVAC® brand VS2x and VS9x vacuum packaging chambers are designed to deliver touchless automation. When integrated as a key part of packaging lines, these machines provide a flexible and more sustainable alternative to traditional thermoforming processes. They use less packaging material, require fewer operator interventions, and deliver faster and more consistent throughputs.

Four reasons why CRYOVAC® brand VS2x and VS9x vacuum packaging machines are an intelligent investment for long-term impact.

Modular systems allow any changes to packaging lines to be made quickly, while easy integration with upstream and downstream equipment delivers minimal manual handling, optimises product flows, and ensures consistency of throughput.

Easy integration

The equipment can be used with a wide range of shrink bags, HFFS roll-stock and tubing shrink solutions. Packaging materials can quickly be changed to tightly fit fresh, smoked, or processed meats.

Complete compatibility

Equipment options enable a seamless switch between hard and soft vacuum flows, meaning vacuum sensitive and non-sensitive products can be packaged on the same line.

Straightforward switching

Auto bag loading and an electrical interface reduce labour requirements and touchpoints, enabling staff to be reallocated to other functions.

User friendly

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about touchless automation benefits and how it helps reduce your environmental impact.

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