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Sustainability has many different interpretations. That is not different in the cleaning industry. There is a rapid growth in ‘greener’ products, and with that a growing list of benefits and sustainability claims. A closer look at important aspects to consider can be useful.

Although awareness about sustainability and green cleaning has grown a lot, there is still a need for information to help making the right product choices. Ed Roberts, European Sustainability Director, and Antoine Rocourt, Global Marketing Director look at important aspects to consider.

  • Water and energy saving technologies

    Many manufacturers have introduced new formulations that work just as well at lower temperatures.

  • make the right choices

    We will briefly explain the most commonly encountered terms and claims, discuss benefits and limitations, and suggest possible first steps to follow towards ‘greener’ cleaning practices

  • dilution of cleaning and hygiene products

    Pre-mixed or ready-to-use cleaning products may appear simple and convenient. Sometimes they are the right choice, but...